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•    Up-Lighting - Washing walls or columns in your desired color(s)

•    Tent Lighting - Washing the top of your tent in intense color(s)

•    Gobo Monogram Projection - Custom monograms or logos broadcast on walls, ceilings, floors, or dance floors

•    Centerpiece Lighting - Use our low-profile fixtures to up-light vases or floral arrangements; ting - Light walkways or driveways with our unique LED panels; color-selectable via wireless remote control.

•    Table Up-Lighting - Light underneath tables for glowing effects

•    Lighting Rentals - Have capabilities and just need lighting? Rent our fixtures and create your own design. Delivery and installation labor are available.

•    Special Projects - Contact us with your special requirements, and we will design lighting to make your event a standout.

•    Chiffon and/or organza draping (usually hung from ceiling)

•    Fabric room treatments

•    Illuminated furniture

•    Pergolas / Gazebos

•    Perimeter Wall Drapery

•    LED glow tables/furniture

•    Fiber optic backdrop

•    Lounge furniture

•    Clear acryllic podiums

•    Special effects

•    Chair Covers and Sashes

•    Video projector and screens


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National & International Lighting, Fabric Decor and Sound

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